Ruckus Over Mayberry Roundabout

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RENO. NV - The awkward intersection of Mayberry, Hunter Lake and Charles Drives causes frustration for drivers. The Regional Transportation Commission is looking for solution as it plans for upgrades to the Mayberry corridor. They're hoping to straighten out the problem with a roundabout.

Some residents don't like the idea. They took to the streets Thursday to protest the plan. They feel the city can't afford a new intersection. In addition, they are concerned that the roundabout will slow down fire trucks coming from Reno Fire Station 5, almost at the same intersection. With a school nearby, they also worry that drivers won't stop for students crossing the road.

Although you won't see them gathered on the street voicing their opinions, there are many local residents who agree with the plan. They say turn restrictions can make it difficult to negotiate the current intersection. Additionally, some parents say they don't feel safe walking with their families on the current sidewalks.

When it comes to impacts on the fire station, Chief Mike Hernandez says RTC has worked with the department to make sure that won't happen. He also points out that many roundabouts have been added around the city with no negative impact on response time. Currently, the proposal is under review, and RTC is still soliciting feedback from the public. To find the form to share your opinion, just click on the link to the right.