Rosewood Lakes Golf Course Costing the City Millions

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RENO -- The Rosewood Lakes golf course isn't self-sustaining, and is costing Reno half a million dollars a year to maintain, according to a consultant. The City of Reno asked Golf Convergence Inc. to deliver a presentation on the costs of the course. The consultant found the course is being mostly used by people who live within ten miles. According to the company's findings, the course has cost Reno more than five million dollars since 2007.

The golf course in the way of a roadway under construction, which will eventually link Sparks and south Reno.

The Reno City Council may decide to close the course altogether, keep just nine holes or keep all the holes and relocate nine to make way for the road.

Reno's mayor, Bob Cashell, said the golf course could become open space. However, the council took no action on Wednesday.

Several citizens said they would like to see the course remain to provide seniors and young people with affordable golfing.

However, James Keegan of Golf Convergence, said competition from other courses in the area have people playing elsewhere -- and it would be very difficult for Rosewood to be fiscally solvent.

The City of Reno is urging people to express their opinions online. For a link, go to Hot Topics.