Robbery Suspects Arrested Now Identified

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RENO, NV - Police have identified two suspects, in custody, accused of committing two crimes an hour apart Monday night.

The first suspect is 34 year-old Ian Rucker, and suspect #2 is 22 year-old Tesla Tomlin.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office said the first armed robbery happened at the 7-11 on Highway 341 around 8:30 p.m.

The second armed robbery happened at Dotty's Casino on Meadwood Circle in Reno roughly an hour later.

Cash was taken in both robberies.

Authorities said they found the suspects' car, and arrested three people.

The suspects are not yet being identified.

The cash was recovered, according to authorities. There is no word on what type of weapon was used.

Ian Rucker
Tesla Tomlin