Road Closures Lifted in Reno/Sparks Area

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Reno/Sparks, Nev. -- Based on the latest information provided from the National Weather Service, including but not limited to, the Truckee River cresting, the City of Sparks will be reopening the Industrial area.

Barricades will begin to be removed at 3:30PM Sunday afternoon. Traffic signals are in operation.

The City of Sparks is unaware of any significant damage and will not deploy the damage assessment team.

The City of Reno will open all bridges downtown by 4pm Sunday afternoon.

Water is still flowing high and swiftly and precautions should be taken in proximity to the Truckee River. Please use caution when around and near areas of high water.

Anyone with used sandbags is asking to return them to the Governor's Bowl location off Line Drive and 4th Street.