Returning Sandbags After Weekend Storm

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SPARKS AND RENO, NV -- Several sandbag locations were set up in Reno and Sparks in anticipation of the weekend storm. There are places you can return those sandbags.

In Sparks, you can place the sandbags on the curb of the nearest city of Sparks street. But make sure the sandbags are not in any travel lanes, sidewalks or pallets. City of Sparks employees will be going around to the areas collecting sandbags until December 14th.

The city of Sparks asks you do NOT return the sandbags to the locations from which you got them.

In Reno, you can take the sandbags to The Governor's Bowl on Line Drive and 4th Street.

In Storey County, if you want to return sandbags, deliver them bags to the location that you received them from.

If you plan on keeping sandbags for future use, make sure they're protected from the elements. You can protect them by covering them or storing them inside.

Jurisdictions offering to take them back are doing so because the bags can be reused for future flood situations.