Resurrection Party Coincides With ABC Show

RENO, NV - Sunday night, March 9, ABC will air a program it's very excited about. Called “Resurrection,” it follows the story of various fictional families who are allowed to re-connect with loved ones who have died.

The desire to make such contact is not uncommon. One northern Nevada woman says she can help make that happen.

In "Resurrection," a young boy, Jacob, wakes up in a rice field in China and makes his way back to Missouri to find his parents who believed their son died 32 years ago in an accident.

The concept of resurrection is in all religions in one form or another.

”And yes, I do believe we can actually, physically, resurrect. I think it is short-lived and it would only be to comfort the ones we have left behind,” says Theresa Peacock, a psychic in Reno.

But for one small group of women, no comfort was provided from a dying loved one.

So they've gathered with Theresa in hopes that she can make that connection to the other side for them.

“Oh yes, I get very busy, everybody wantS to talk to to loved ones who have passed over. It's very very popular,” says Peacock.

Coincidentally, in “Resurrection” Jacob wakes in a rice field.

In Chinese tradition, those who want to speak to an ancestor seek out a "rice woman" and bring rice to identify the family.

“We didn't leave on good terms. We were always close and she passed away 8 years ago. I wasn't there,” says Helen Rasmussen, who lost her aunt.

“I mean, when you lose a child, especially that you want to say or hear, I don't even know until it happens,” says Kathryne Laurence, who lost her son more than 10 years ago.

“I leave it to the other side to use me as they see fit,” says Peacock.

Peacock says she uses a deck of Tarot cards.

Each guest selects one.

The card, she hopes, helps represent the woman and what she seeks.

Once Theresa says she's made that connection, she tries to make contact with those from the other side.

“She had some back issues as well, I mean....” says Peacock to Rasmussen about her aunt.

“Cancer on her back, that's where she noticed it,” replies Rasmussen.

“There are two sons, one is gone, one here. The one that's gone is fine, smiling, he is OK. The one that is here is not doing well; is there anything you guys can do to help him?” asks Peacock of Laurence.

“I'm glad I'm happy to know there is something on the other side, that you just don't close your eyes for ever and see nothing,” says Rasmussen after the night is over.

“Cause you want to feel them, smell them, touch them again, you know,” says Laurence.

You may not believe anything you've seen or heard in this story, and that, in fact, it is quite silly.

But we hope the story at least makes you think-- think about those loved ones you need to talk to.

You probably need to do it now, while they are still physically here.