Results of "Joining Forces" Crackdown on Drivers

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RENO/SPARKS, Nev. -- Law enforcement from across the area teamed up for "Joining Forces" to keep our roads safe, and now the results of that effort have been released.

The agencies represented in this event included the Reno and Sparks police departments, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, and the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Troopers from the Nevada Highway Patrol conducted a total of 528 enforcement stops which yielded 641 citations.
That included:
154 citations for speeding
87 tickets for not having proof of insurance
84 for talking, texting or reading non-voice communication on a cell phone while driving
40 more were issued to motorists for not wearing a seat belt.
The remaining violations included suspended driver’s licenses, vehicle registration violations, running red lights, failing to yield to pedestrians, and other moving, non-moving, or mechanical violations.

Additionally, 65 verbal warnings were handed out and only 6 pedestrians were cited during the campaign. 19 of the motorists stopped and cited were young drivers between the ages of 16 and 20, while the others were over the age of 21.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office issued:
240 speeding citations
18 cell phone/other distracted driving citations
20 citations for driver's license related violations
Other notable violations included 12 motor vehicle registration citations, six vehicle equipment citations, two seat belt citations, 64 citations for failure to show proof of insurance, four citations for driver's failing to yield the right of way, and 19 running a red light citations. Other various citations and written warnings totaled 33.

Law enforcement warns you to be careful on the roads. Similar events are being held next month in the area.