Residents Thank Firefighters, Survey Damage of Carter Springs Fire

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South of Gardnerville, NV - People who live in the area south of Gardnerville where the Carter Springs Fire is burning are getting a good look at what the fire has damaged around their homes. But many of them are not dwelling on all that was destroyed, but what remains - thanks to firefighters. And they are showing their appreciation as crews continue to battle the flames.

With power tools and plywood, Steven Granados is trying to send a message to firefighters: one that encourages them as they continue to battle the Carter Springs Fire still burning in the Pine Nut Mountains.

Granados is putting up two big signs off of Highway 395 that say "Thank You Fire Crews."

"I wanted to show the fire crews some way of expressing my thankfulness of doing such a good job. I have no way of contacting them. It's the least I could do," says Granados.

He wasn't home on Friday when the fire first started. On Sunday, he was just getting his first look at what the fire had destroyed of his 80-acre property.

"I was expecting to see a lot more devastation and thankful it wasn't as bad as I feared or it looked on the news. But still a good portion was lost," says Granados.

About a mile away, but on the opposite side of the highway, Mike Smokey knows how lucky he is. He's eyeing the burned hillside just yards from his house. His own home was untouched by flames. But he knows the view from his home of many years will never be the same.

"I'll never see anything repaired in my lifetime," says Smokey.

The fire has burned 3,400 acres. Fire officials say no homes are threatened at this point. They are hoping to contain it by Tuesday. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.