Residential Burglary Triggers a Bomb Scare on Clear Acre

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RENO, Nev. -- Reno Police Department (RPD) officials have wrapped up their investigation at the scene of a bomb scare Saturday morning on Clear Acre Ln.

An RPD spokesman tells KOLO 8 News Now the whole thing started at about 6am when officers responded to reports of a residential burglary in the 3900 block of Clear Acre Lane.

The victim apparently knew the suspect and told officers where the suspect might be. When they approached the apartment, officers saw a suspicious device above the door.

Officers secured the area and called in the bomb squad. According to RPD, officers evacuated two or three nearby apartments.

The bomb squad attempted to get the device with a robot. The robot was unsuccessful, so bomb squad personnel got the device by hand. It turned out not to be a bomb, it just looked like one.

People were allowed back in their homes. Officers are still looking for the residential burglary suspect.

If you have any information on either the burglary or the bomb scare, please call the Reno Police Department.