Rescuers Describe Harrowing Scene at Plane Crash

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - San Francisco fire officials say they encountered smoke, leaking jet fuel and passengers coming down on chutes when they arrived at the Asiana airlines crash scene.

Lt. Christine Emmons said at a news conference on Monday that she and her partner ran up a chute into the plane. They found four passengers trapped in the back.

The conditions in the plane were changing rapidly, with the fire coming down on rescuers and the smoke thickening.

Emmons said the trapped passengers were pulled out to safety.

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed on Saturday at San Francisco International Airport. Two people were killed and more than 180 sent to hospitals.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Federal investigators says they have reviewed airport surveillance video to determine whether an emergency vehicle ran over one of the victims of the plane crash at San Francisco International Airport but have not been able to reach any conclusions.

National Transportation Safety Board chairwoman Deborah Hersman on Monday called the possibility that a teenage girl was run over a "very serious issue." She said investigators want to make sure they have all the facts before reaching any conclusions.

Hersman said the coroner has not yet determined the girl's cause of death.

San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White and Assistant Deputy Chief Dale Carnes both said earlier Monday that one of the two teenage girls killed in the crash may have been struck by an emergency vehicle.