Rescue Crews Free a Horse Trapped in Dense Manzanita

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RENO, Nev. -- Crews successfully freed a horse that was trapped in thick manzanita bushes west of Mayberry Crossing Park Sunday afternoon.

The 21-year old horse, named JJ, and his rider were out out for some exercise. Around 12:25pm, JJ got spooked and was backing up when he slipped into a ditch. He ended up rolling on top of the rider and farther into the ditch.

The rider got out okay, but JJ was stuck there for about four hours. Rescue crews considered a number of options and ended up cutting the bushes, creating a trail to lead him out of the ditch.

JJ suffered only minor cuts on his legs and a scratched eye. Crews gave him fluids intravenously during the rescue, and a veterinarian looked him over once he was out. The vet said he was okay to go home.