Republicans Announce Legislative Priorities

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CARSON CITY, NV -- Assembly Republicans are outlining priorities for the Legislative session, announcing several proposals Thursday.

"As Republicans, we pride ourselves for always asking for every dollar we spend that we also find areas in the budget where we can save," Assemblymember Pat Hickey (R-Reno) said.

Republicans said they will seek to have proficiency tests earlier during high school to find students who may need more help. Members of the GOP also said they would like to find savings to help put more money toward education. They also responded to the Democrats' education plan.

"We believe that the three-hundred million dollar increase in spending that they are asking for is unreasonable and will hurt Nevada's already fragile economy," Melissa Woodberry (R- Las Vegas) said.

Assemblymember Cresent Hardy (R-Southern Nevada) said the state should not have to pay some construction workers prevailing wage. He said it "lines the pockets of unions," while costing tax-payers. Critics have said the idea would hurt the hard-hit construction industry and local economy.

Assemblymember Randy Kirner (R-Reno) said public workers' retirement pensions are costing the state too much. He said he would introduce a reform bill that would save Nevada thirty-million-dollars.

Not all of the Republican proposals are available as bills yet. Hickey said the process has been slowed because of the events surrounding embattled Assemblymember Steven Brooks (D-Southern Nevada).