Report That Reno Renters Are Being Priced Out Called Misleading

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A new report says more than half the renters in Reno can't afford a typical two-bedroom apartment,

The head of the local Housing Authority says that's misleading.

The report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition says the typical 2 bedroom apartment is out of reach for more than half of the renters in our area.

That's based on a fair market rent of $953 dollars and a federal guideline that assumed people can't afford to spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing which leaves a typical renter $273 dollars short.

"For those in the low income category it's tough," says David Morton, Executive Director of the Reno Housing Authority. "I don't see that changing, but to imply that half the people in Reno can't afford to rent is misleading."

Morton's office handles two assistance programs for low income renters, one which places them in units owned by the Housing Authority,

The other provides vouchers they can take anywhere. Those with vouchers, he says, have been finding housing and ironically, they can thank the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis.

"There's so many people who had a home and lost it and they've been bought by investors who are now renting them, often for lower prices. They want people in there who will take care of them."

So some with a voucher for a two bedroom apartment have been able to move into a three bedroom house.

Good news for those already in, but those waiting in line can't take advantage of this opportunity and it has nothing to do with prices or guidelines..

For the moment,no new vouchers are being issued thanks to the budget impasse in Washington and the cuts mandated by the sequester agreement between the administration and Congress.