Rep. Barney Frank Marries Long-time Partner

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NEWTON, Mass. -- The first openly gay member of Congress has tied the knot. Representative Barney Frank married his long-time partner in a civil ceremony in Massachusetts.

The wedding attracted political heavy-weights including former house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Texas Representative Al Green.

Rep. Al Green, (D) Texas, said "I think it's a great day for this country to recognize the civil ceremony. It's a wedding ceremony and he and his partner have been together for some time. This is an opportunity for them to do what so many others have been free to do for years and years in this country."

Frank is retiring at the end of this term and he tried to keep the wedding plans under wraps but word leaked out. Friends of the couple say it's a new chapter for the congressman.

Democratic representative Jim McGovern of Massachusetts was also in attendance. He said that for "those of us that have known Barney for a long time and who consider him a treasured friend, this is just a day to celebrate. This is a wonderful marriage, two great people, I'm just thrilled to be here."

When President Barack Obama announced his support of same-sex marriage, Congressman Frank called it a "sign that things have evolved."