25 Total Victims Arrive at Renown, 3 Dead

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A total of 25 victims are currently being treated.

The 2 dead is a man and a woman not including the pilot. According to Renown, 12 are in critical condition and 11 fair. Thirteen family members have shown up and 15 support staff are working with them.

The nursing staff is at capacity. Renown south, has taken 4 patients listed in fair.

Multiple casualties at the Reno Air Races after an Unlimited plane P-51 crashed into the box seats directly in front of the master of ceremony soon after take-off. Reno Air Races president and CEO Mike Houghton says that among the dead was 74-year-old pilot Jimmy Leeward

According to the Associated Press Regional Emergency Medical Service Authority spokeswoman Stephanie Kruse said 25 people were critically injured and another 25 people were seriously hurt in the crash. More than 25 more people were treated for minor injuries.

Kruse said the critically injured were considered to have life-threatening injuries.

According to the Director of Communications at Renown, Kathy Carter, they are under 'code triage' which means extra available personnel will be called in and extra beds will be made available.

Renown has been told to expect 80-100 injured.

Unlimited plane has crashed at the Reno Air Races just after 4 p.m., Friday that earlier reports 12 people and injured at least 30 Friday, hitting people seated in the box seats near the grandstand.

According to witnesses veteran pilot Leeward was flying the Galloping Ghost, that went down soon after take-off during the beginning of the Unlimited race. It was the third lap and he was in second position when he veered skyward and crashed suddenly.

The Unlimited plane slid into the grandstand, box seats injuring dozens of spectators.

Reno-Stead airport authorities are asking everyone to go home.

All planes are grounded.

Summit Christian Church at 7075 Pyramid Hwy is having a blood drive tomorrow (Saturday) from 4 PM to 7:45 PM and on Sunday from 8 AM to 1:30 PM.

The public is invited to come donate to help during this time of community need following the tragedy at the Air Races

Those wishing to check on the status of loved ones should call 775.337.5800 or locally dialing 211. We appreciate all of the thoughts and support that have been extended from around the world this evening.