Renown Gets New Robotic Surgery System

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RENO, NV - While robotic surgery is nothing new for Renown Health, they are greatly improving their technology, which means better efficiency for surgeons and major benefits for patients. They are the first on the west coast and only the 4th in the world to offer patients the latest advancement in physician-guided robotic surgery - the da Vinci Xi. The medical director of Renown's Institute for Robotic Surgery, Dr. Peter Lim, says Renown has become a leading example in this field for other doctors and hospitals.

"Surgeons from all over the world come here to train," he says.

Dr. Lim says this new piece of equipment has allowed them to cut down on surgery time by more than half. Some of the older robotic equipment limited the kinds of procedures that surgeons could perform, but the new features of the da Vinci Xi allow them to reach more places on the body through better range of motion.

"It allows you to navigate through any kind of surgical field without having to undock at all," says Lim.

The new system not only improves mobility, but it also expands the amount of diseases they're able to treat. The better range of motion gives surgeons an opportunity to do prostate, lung, colorectal, liver and other complex general surgeries they were not able to perform before through robotics.

By cutting down on time in the operating room it also means less pain and faster recovery times for patients.

"Normal hospitalization for some cancer surgeries on average would take about 4.8 days. Now, we're sending patients home on the same day," says Lim.

The da Vinci Xi also provides a 3D high definition view for surgeons to help them be more precise, allowing for better control and a surgery that has patients in and out in a matter of minutes. Renown Health in Reno has performed more than 3,000 robotic surgeries since first introducing the program in 2008.