Reno's Tent City to Close Soon

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RENO, NV - Only 4 tents remain in an area of Reno once known as “Tent City”. That’s down from the onetime high of 240 residents. The gated area is now primarily used during the day. Just a few people who are still looking for more permanent shelter have been allowed to stay as long as they follow the rules.

The Records Street area has also become a destination for community groups and people looking to donate food and clothing to others in need. The City wants to work with donors to coordinate those efforts to keep the area clean and safe. Reno keeps a volunteer calendar of food donations, so that meals will be spread out throughout the week. They also ask people not to simply leave donations of clothing on Record Street. Instead, those items should go to Good Shepherd Clothes Closet. “They go through and make sure that people who are in need of clothing get it,” says Community Reinvestment Manager, Jodi Royal-Goodwin. “If not, there tends to be a hoarding activity that goes on.”

She says the City does welcome assistance from the public. To coordinate your donation, or to get more information about how you can help, click on the link below.