Reno's New Councilmembers Prepare for Office

City of Reno, Nevada
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RENO, NV -- The newest members of the Reno City Council are set to have their first council meeting Wednesday. According to an agenda, the outgoing councilmembers will be present to review, or canvass, Tuesday's election results. After that, four new councilmembers will be sworn in.

"It brings in kind of a fresh perspective, new ideas and kind of a clean slate where everybody can come together, work together," councilmember-elect Neoma Jardon said.

The newly elected leaders were going through an orientation process Thursday. Councilmember-elect Hillary Schieve said the meeting would mostly be about policy but said she is "incredibly excited" to begin learning about her new role.

The meeting held by Andrew Clinger, Reno's city manager, included instruction about the City's processes and a review of the council's agenda for Wednesday.

"I can't wait to get out to those departments and talk to those personnel personally," councilmember-elect Oscar Delgado said.

However, Clinger said there are still challenges ahead for Reno such as unfunded liabilities and reserves that need replenished.

"We have a lot of unfilled holes that we have to take care of I don't know... that you're going to see a lot of new projects come out of the city," he said.

Councilmembers will have to continue to provide essential services while maintaining the elements that make Reno a great place to live.

"Recreation, culture amenities those are the areas that when they are provided to the residents... they make the area attractive for economic investment," councilmember-elect Jenny Brekhus said.