Reno Wired - Nonprofit Rebranding Challenge

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RENO, NV - Finding help when you're in a difficult situation like domestic abuse shouldn't be a challenge, but for many women it is. Sometimes that's because the non-profit organizations that can help them put their money into operations, instead of advertising. Friday, some talented young volunteers helped to bridge that gap.

The think tank of volunteers at Reno Wired had just 24 hours to create an entirely new look for the local nonprofit Committee to Aid Abused Women, or CAAW. They are putting their talents together to create a website and marketing campaign that will help the nonprofit reach the public more effectively, without the hefty price tag that would normally come with this kind of work. "Everything's donated," says Kevin Jones, cofounder of Reno Wired. "We're creating the type faces from scratch, the logos being redone, the website and any stock photography costs will be donated as well."

It's a lot of work generated in just on day, but those involved hope they will have a lasting impact on the community. First, by making it easier for abused women to find out about the services offered by CAAW. Secondly, and just as important, helping the organization flourish by making the mission clear to attract more donors. Jones says he hopes to make this an annual event, helping a new local non profit every year.

To see the result of Friday's work, click on the link below after 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 6th.