Reno Star to be Dedicated

The "Reno Star" is at the intersection of McCarran Blvd & S. Virginia Avenue near Meadowood Mall.
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RENO, Nev. – Have you seen the big, red star at the McCarran Boulevard & Virginia Street exchange? That's what now known as the Reno Star.

Thursday it will officially be dedicated. The celebration starts at 4pm at the northwest corner of the intersection.

The Reno Arts and Culture Commission works with the RSCVA and NDOT to create this visual piece of artwork. The artist is Mark Suzulgit.

The Reno Star is funded by the City of Reno's Public Art Fund. Donations were also made by Central and South Ward 2 Neighborhood Advisory Boards, the William Thorton Family, and the Parks and Cultural Arts Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.