Reno-Sparks Cash Mob Picks A Sweet Location

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Reno, NV January 21, 2013 — According to a press release, tomorrow, the first Reno Sparks CASH MOB of 2013 will highlight the sweet marvel of a 30 year old locally-owned business, Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company, at 1286 South Virginia Street, between 10am and 6pm on Tuesday January 22nd..

Ca$h Mobbers devoted to the local economy have committed to spending $10 to &20 dollars in a designated locally-owned business by the Reno/Sparks social media group once per month on a specific day to demonstrate the economic stimulus that results when shoppers choose to “shop local first.”

With Valentine's Day just 3 weeks away, Ca$h Mobbers will find themed treat baskets, and be able to create their own custom baskets of the highest quality chocolates, for their lover(s).

The amazing taste of a Sierra Nevada Chocolates truffle creates a passion that has been compared to love itself. They are amazing because these chocolates require a higher cocoa content than the average chocolate treat. (It’s worth more than gold!) To create a perfect truffle treat, they begin with a cream base as opposed to the usual butter base used by most other chocolatiers. This results in a shorter shelf life, but produces a far richer taste. Shorter shelf life guarantees that customers will never purchase an ounce of chocolate that isn't of the freshest and finest quality.

The Sierra Nevada Chocolate Factory was first established in Carson City in 1985 and expanded to Reno in 2007, according to owner Tammy Borde, “we're here to share the art and decadence of chocolate with everyone, and help create family traditions that will be carried on for generations.”

Sierra Nevada Chocolates' neighbors on the 1200 block of South Virginia Street include The Chocolate Walrus Adult Boutique and Lulu's Chic Boutique which will make Valentine's Day shopping an easy one-stop this year.

The benefits of shopping locally-owned are well documented. For example, Shop local first and you support community groups doing good in our community. Non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller, locally-owned business owners than they do from large businesses and big-box stores.