Reno Shopping Districts Offer Buy Local Guide

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RENO, NV -- When you are out there shopping this holiday season, don't forget there are plenty of deals to be had by shopping local. Three Reno shopping districts are offering discounts they hope will drive people to shop local.

They each have their unique features that attract shoppers. The Riverwalk has the river. In Midtown it's trendy shops. Along California Avenue it's the bars and restaurants that keep people coming back.

"That's what makes Reno unique. We all know each other and we are just kinda a big happy family," said Courtney Meredith with the Riverwalk District.

For the first time this year a shopping guide across the three districts brings together 67 businesses, all offering discounts.

"It's important to shop local; the money stays here in Reno, and when we all come together like we have, the three different districts, it just makes us more powerful," said Blythe Anderson, owner of Labels boutique.

That idea is echoed across town, the thought being if one survives we all survive.

"I think it is more often a collaboration; at least that is what it feels like to me, as opposed to strictly competition," said Matt Polley, owner of Java Jungle and Jungle Vino in the Riverwalk district

Polley says now, more than ever, businesses are working together.

"What you have is a common good to bring folks down to our district," said Polley.

What's different now is the districts working together. All in one pamphlet there is cheap food and drink on California Avenue, a few bucks off purchases near the river, and freebies in Midtown.

"We're brand new and we have been in business only 6 months now so it really helps us out to be able to get together with other businesses and promote things. Because when you are doing something on your own it is harder to get people out," said Heather Lee Jones, owner of Happy Happy Joy Joy in Reno.

"You don't get that in other cities, and they actually care about their community," said Meredith.

Several shops are taking warm clothing donations for homeless kids in the Washoe County School District.