Reno Rodeo Draws to a Close

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RENO, Nev. -- The wildest, richest rodeo in the west drew to a close Saturday night, leaving with it a little more than an impression on the locals.

The night kicks off with a sold out crowd--thousands of fans cheering on their favorite cowboys and cowgirls one last time.

"This is the night to come of any of them," said one local.

It's their last chance to get their fill of all the riding and roping the rodeo has to offer.

"We've got the most extreme sport on four feet," said Steve Duque, Reno Rodeo Executive Director.

This year's rodeo is seeing a record number in attendance. Over the past 9 days, more than 90,000 people have walked through the gates.

"Crowds are going crazy over the goofy that we're doing which is fantastic because we really want to put a great family show down here," Duque said.

However, it's not just the show that's drawing in the crowds--barbecued goods, fun rides and shopping have also contributed, bringing in more money into the local economy.

"This was a pleasant surprise because with the economy being kind of iffy, we weren't sure how things were going to go, but it went better than we expected," said Donna Mitchell, owner of Rock 'N' Roll Couture.

This is Mitchell's sixth year at the Reno Rodeo. She says she's increased profits by about 20% from last year.

As the rodeo draws to a close, it also marks the end of a "rein."

"Don't blink. It goes faster than you think. Enjoy every second of it because it's a year and it's a ride of a lifetime," said Ashley Espin, Reno Rodeo Queen. She's passing the crown to next year's queen, Gabriella Madraso.

Since 2012, the reno rodeo has pumped more than $43 million dollars into the local economy.