Reno Reacts to Pope's Resignation

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RENO, NV -- Reno residents say Pope Benedict XVI's decision to step down is unexpected, but understandable.

"It came as a surprise to everybody," Brother Matthew Cunningham of the Catholic Diocese of Reno said.

Randolph Calvo, the Bishop of Reno released a statement. In part, it states: "I can only support his reasons for this action. He has generously served God and the Catholic Church for such a long time."

On the streets of Reno, people said the Pope leaves a legacy, seeing the Catholic church through a turbulent time.

"The controversy in the U.S. with our Catholic priests and how he's handled that and what everyone has gone through in the Roman Catholic faith," a Reno resident said.

Cunningham said Pope Benedict XVI will also be remembered for his views on the sanctity of life and his travels throughout the world.

"He's flown all over the world he's tried to visit as many Catholics in as many places as he can," Cunningham said.