Reno Pop Warner Football Needs Help to Go to Championship Game

Reno's Junior Pee-Wee Wolf Pack players stop by KOLO 8 News Now. They are playing in the Best of the West National Championship game in Temecula, Calif. December 7, 2013.
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RENO, NV -- A local Pop Warner team gets an opportunity of a lifetime. It's competing for the biggest championship in pee-wee football, but needs your help to bring the trophy home to Nevada.

The Reno Pop Warner team is vying for the title of "the best in the west," competing against the best teams out of Oregon, California, Washington and Arizona. However, it wasn't easy getting here. They call it their Super Bowl.

"These kids, we started six years ago with a bunch of kids with no experience whatsoever; they'd never played before," said head coach David Gwaltny. "It was tough. They were laughed at at school; we have other leagues that we compete with and they're like 'oh you guys are nothing,' and then they come up and they're doing better, being stronger."

Now. they're undefeated. They're still hitting the field hard and working on plays and how to outsmart the other team.

"Come out here and work hard for what we want and to make sure we have fun on that field," James Renfrow, a player, said

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard," said Drew Scolari, a player.

They have a few more practices before their big game in San Diego Saturday morning, but it's not going to be cheap to get there. To send them on their way, they still need $4,000.

"Times are tough," Clint Capurro, a parent, said. "These kids are out there working hard and they need to get down there and go."

"It would mean for them to come home and win, you know, tell their peers and their friends, 'hey we did something no one else did at our age,'" Gwaltny said. "The kids want to work hard; they want to get better. They don't just want to play football; they want to win and they want to bring a trophy home to northern Nevada."

They have until Thursday to raise enough money. You can make a donation to the team on their website listed below.

There is an account set up for Reno Pop Warner at area Bank of America Branches. The account number is 501016354472.