Reno Police Tout Improved Online Reporting System

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RENO, NV - Reno police say they have spent recent months working with the city of Reno to improve the Police Reporting System for people who live in and visit Reno. For one thing, it is now available in Spanish.

Police say the improved Police Reporting System allows English- and Spanish-speaking citizens and visitors to Reno to report certain types of crime, provide Secret Witness tips, report drug activity, report graffiti, and even report traffic problems in their neighborhood.

To access the system, simply log onto (link to the right), and click "Services" at the bottom of the page. Once in the Police Reporting System, a female officer avatar will appear to assist you, in English or Spanish, depending on which language you choose. For first-time users, there is also a tutorial video in English that can be viewed to assist with any additional questions.

The Reno Police Department can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.