Reno Police Offer Chance to Turn in Fireworks

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RENO, NV - Reno police want to remind everybody that all fireworks are illegal within city limits. Reno Municipal Code 16.02.030 covers the possession and use of fireworks and pyrotechnics within the city. If cited, a penalty of up to $500 can be imposed. This law does not prohibit the commercial display of fireworks with a permit, such as displays for New Year’s Eve celebrations or those often seen at the Reno Aces ballpark.

Since 2010, officers have issued citations or arrested 32 people in the Reno area for firework offenses. Anyone responsible for starting a fire with fireworks can be held responsible for the cost of extinguishing the fire by the city of Reno and for any damage to homes or other structures, or injuries.

The Reno Police Department encourages anyone who finds or wishes to have smaller amounts of consumer-grade fireworks collected and destroyed to contact the non-emergency line of Reno Police Dispatch. Additionally, if there are large amounts of fireworks, or the items themselves are of the commercial variety (the type used by licensed pyrotechnicians), homemade, or altered in any way, please stay away and notify the Reno Police Dispatch immediately. Appropriate measures will be taken by the Consolidated Bomb Squad to make sure the items are removed safely. The city’s Fireworks Amnesty Program protects those who voluntarily surrender their illegal fireworks from prosecution.

The Consolidated Bomb Squad, which is comprised of members from the Reno Police Department, Sparks Police Department, and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, are responsible for the collection and eventual destruction of fireworks and pyrotechnics that are seized or collected in this area. Methods of destruction vary, but generally consist of a controlled burn of the items within an approved container, or if the pyrotechnic is large, the use of explosives. The Consolidated Bomb Squad would like to remind people that homemade and/or altered fireworks can be extremely dangerous and should never be used.

Requests for removal can be made through the non-emergency number of the Reno Police Department Dispatch at 775-334-2121 or 775-334-2677.

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