Reno Police Department Opens New Substation

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RENO, NV -- A new Reno Police Department substation will give officers a more noticeable presence in the downtown area. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the new facility, near Fourth and Center, on Wednesday.

The substation essentially replaces the old substation near Lake and Plaza. However, the old substation will continue to be used by undercover teams and for police officers working during special events.

Reno's police chief said the old location is "obsolete." The new location is the former home of RTC's Citicenter bus station. The location is highly visible to residents and tourists -- it is directly across the street from the National Championship Bowling Stadium.

"This is a vital piece of an overall plan to make this area of town much safer for visitors, and residents that come to attractions like the National Bowling Stadium and events center," Dwight Dorch, a city councilmember, said.

The public will be able to get information and fill out reports at the new location.

A city spokesperson said downtown casino-resorts agreed to a room tax during the last legislative session. The funds are helping pay for the substation.

Another building on the old Citicenter site remains vacant. However, Reno City Councilmember Sharon Zadra said there are a great deal of possibilities for the building.

She said it could become an art gallery. "That gives tourists something more to look at when they come to town," she said.

Light poles have already been decorated outside the substation as part of a public art display.