Reno Pays Tribute to the Waver

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RENO, NV -- People walked and waved in downtown Reno on New Year's day to pay tribute to "the waver." Ed Carlson waved to traffic from the roadside for several decades. Carlson died at age 75.

"It just made my day and I couldn't let a day like this go by without letting him know how special he was," Lynn Burney of Sparks said.

"He brought a smile to me every time I drove down the road," Mike Lavin of Reno said.

Carlson began waving in the 1970s, continuing until a few years ago.

"Everything is a lesson allowing our flesh and our spirit to become one," Carlson told KOLO about three years ago.

"Most people wave or some would look the other way, but again he was just hoping to bring happiness and hope to people," RJ Erwin, Carlson's friend, said.

Marchers waved at motorists downtown, walking from the ice skating rink to I-80. Carlson was most often seen along US395 between Reno and Carson City.