Reno Named One of World’s “Super Cool” Communities

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Reno is one of the world’s “super cool” cities, according to a new Web site that connects people to great communities across the world to which to travel or move. unveiled Reno as part of an exclusive list of five dozen of the best places in the world to travel or move as it launched its new Web travel site.

“Reno is a natural to be on any list of the world’s super cool communities,” said founder Andy Brack of Charleston, S.C. “With its compelling quality of life, days of shining sun and cultural offerings, how could we not add the biggest little city in the world to our list?” offers detailed information on each community that it profiles, including demographic information, a map, several fun facts and links to local media. The site also features distinguishing economic, political, cultural and other characteristics of the community.

Among the fun facts detailed on the site is this entry: “You might be surprised that if you are driving from Los Angeles to Reno, you actually end up west of where you started out. (It's also north, but you probably could easily figure that out!)”
Cool tool: The Reno page is frequently updated through a special Twitter feature that links tweets marked #TOMReno to the page.

“This initial release barely scratches the surface with Twitter and our community hashtagging,” said Ric Castagna, chief technology officer. “For geeks, is embracing new releases of technology, including interactions with social media,” It will always be evolving and adapting. It will always be super cool!”

The site allows users to pick different characteristics for an ideal community and find which of’s super cool places is the best match.

“It’s becoming a cool travel game -- you can input various demographic and descriptive characteristics, punch a button and find out where you might want to next travel or move,” Brack said. “That’ll probably get a lot of use in November after the presidential elections when some frustrated families might wonder, ‘Where should we go to now?’”