Reno Locals Unite

RENO, Nev. - Buying local is important for our economy, but one local organization has found a way to give people more incentive to shop.

Gary Oldham is the president and founder of Reno Locals Unite.

"We are getting local businesses that are small, locally owned, and we are connecting them to local locals." he said.

So far about 25 businesses have signed on. It's free for businesses to join. All they have to do is offer discounts to members of the organization. Businesses which are product based are asked to give members 10% off, and service based businesses, like hair salons, give their customers 15% off when they flash their Reno Locals Unite membership card.

"It's really nice that there's a group or a company which will to stand and work for our community," Juya Campbell said.

Campbell rents a station at Beauty Express in Northtown. She is one of the newest businesses to join the program.

"It cuts into my salary," she said. "But the more people you see in a day at a discount, it actually evens out."

Next door to Campbell, is North Valleys Cycles. It's owner, Karl Young also recently joined Reno Locals Unite.

"This is great advertising," he said. "It's not often we get free advertising like this."

To get the discounts, just fill out an application on the organizations website. Membership is $14 per year, and you have to prove you are a native to the area.

"We're talking about Northern Nevada," he said. "What we've pretty much done is Carson, Fernley, the surrounding areas. People from Vegas, we don't think they're locals.

To find the application or sign on as a business, visit