Reno Locals Launch New Show Called "Culture Shred"

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RENO, NV - Reno locals are launching a new show called "Culture Shred," which explores bizarre subcultures across the nation.

The show will focus on exploring unusual subcultures and having the cast immerse themselves in that subculture's world for 24 hours.

The entire cast is from Reno, and the show will be hosted by Richard Poudrier, who's known by his nickname "Chulo." He says every encounter with different subcultures leaves him humbled.

"One of these subcultures would be suspension people. In other words, they learn how to leave their body," said Poudrier.

"I literally had 24 hours to learn how to leave my body. They put gigantic fish hooks through you and suspend you, and they leave you there for about 45 minutes. Now, you're either going to tolerate the pain and leave your body, go to a happy place and experience what they feel is another world experience, or initially, with the hooks going in you, it's over."

Poudrier says this is the first interactive show of its kind.

Several episodes were filmed in Reno, which, according to Poudrier, has many hidden subcultures, including people who believe they are vampires. This vampire subculture apparently drinks animal blood and believe they are mentally stronger and physically tougher than so-called regular people.

The show also features a group of women who assist with the subculture immersion.

As of now, with about ten episodes already shot, they say they're in talks with a few major cable networks about production.

According to Poudrier, Google is one of the show's financial sponsors, and along with major cable networks, they're also pitching the show to Hulu and Netflix.

Certain "Culture Shred" episodes are on YouTube.

Cal Neva is hosting a premiere party for the show on April 11th, 2014 at 7:30pm. The party will be open to the public.