Fire Destroys Home Near Kings Row

House fire on Royal Drive, Reno
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RENO, NV-- A woman is left homeless Monday night after flames engulfed her home earlier in the evening.

Around 6:15PM, neighbors saw smoke pouring from a garage on the 1800 block of Royal Drive in the Kings Row area.

They quickly made sure no one was inside, then called 911.

Fire crews arrived quickly, but flames were already pouring out of the front of the house.

"Significant, significant damage to the home," said Battalion Chief Rik Kajans of the Reno Fire Department.

Officials believe the fire started inside the home's attached garage, then wind pushed the fire through the home's attic. It's still unclear what caused the blaze.

As firefighters battled the blaze, there was concern for their safety, as outside temperatures were still hovering at about 100 degrees.