Reno Gas Prices at an All-Time High

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Gas prices shot up 8 cents overnight in Reno to a record-high in our area.

The average price in Reno is now $4.23 for a gallon of regular unleaded. That is way more than the national average of $3.80.

An AAA spokesperson says drivers in Northern Nevada are paying a lot more than most places because we get our gas from California and there have been some recent refinery issues there that have tightened supply. In August, there was a refinery fire in Richmond, California and crews there are still dealing with complications from that. Then on Monday, a refinery in Torrance, California had to shut down temporarily because of mechanical problems.

California has also hit a record high price. Regular unleaded there is now $4.61 a gallon. While an AAA spokesperson would not speculate on where gas prices could be heading, some analysts say prices could keep going up in our area before leveling off.

Some drivers here are expecting the worst.

"I think it's going to jump up to 5 dollars by next year," said Doyle Goad, a Fernley driver.