Reno Council Hears Graffiti Concerns

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RENO -- Business-owners and residents of Reno's midtown area voiced concerns about graffiti to the Reno City Council Wednesday.

There was no item about graffiti on the agenda, but several people spoke on the subject during the general public comment portion of the meeting.

"When I drive to work I see new graffiti and I see the old graffiti that's been there for weeks," a speaker said.

Business-owners said they are spending thousands to paint over graffiti in order to get it covered in a timely manner.

Reno Police Chief Steve Pitts said the Graffiti Enforcement Team has been weakened by budget cuts. He said until last week, only one individual was responsible for cleaning up graffiti in the entire city. Now there are two people.

The Reno City Council is planning on adding three more people to its anti-graffiti efforts beginning in July.

Pitts added many people may be unaware there are rewards for catching graffiti vandals. For more information on how to report graffiti, go to: Hot Topics.

At the Wednesday meeting, councilmembers also approved a one percent pay cut for non-union City of Reno workers. The city manager said the one percent salary cut is the workers' share of a two percent increase in retirement contributions by the city.

In a four-to-two vote, councilmembers also gave final approval to turning a portion of UNR farms near Mill Street and McCarran Boulevard into an area for businesses.