Reno Child Center Vandalized; Children Pay the Price

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RENO, NV - A recent case of vandalism is forcing children at a Reno daycare to stay indoors for the next couple of weeks. Now, the day care is asking for your help to find those responsible for destroying their playground.

For five days a week, more than 35 children call Mami's their second home.

"They're great people. They treat you like family," said Charles Keiffer, a father.

Keiffer has been taking his three-year-old here for about six months, but when he arrived at the day care Friday morning, his stomach sank.

"Sad, angry, disgusted, everything all at once. Like of all the places, why a day care? It makes no sense," he said.

Mami's was the most recent target of vandalism. The fence had been knocked down and the play ground equipment was punctured and broken.

Then there's all the broken glass bulbs that were reportedly stolen from a business next door and smashed onto the ground, making it dangerous for any kids to play outside for weeks.

"It's a safe area and we feel like kids can be safe here, now it's scary to think that someone would want to do this to kids," said Gabby Giordana, a teacher at Mami's A Place for Kids Center.

No one was able to force their way in, but the damage outside adds up to more than $1,000. The
children are left wondering why they can't enjoy the summer outside.

"He likes to be outside a lot so he wonders why he can't go," said Keiffer.

"The kids don't like being inside on a beautiful day," Giordana said. "They want to be playing and running around and we don't have space inside, so it's really hard to give them that outdoor playtime now."

"It's a great place, they're great people," said Keiffer. "I don't know why anyone would do anything like that to any day care let alone this one."

Mami's child care will be relocating to a place off of Longley Lane next to Zai Martial Arts on August 4.

They are asking for anyone who saw the vandals to come forward. You can contact the Reno Police Department or Secret Witness at (775)-322-4900.