Reno Bites: Break the Chain; Eat Local

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RENO, Nev. -- There's always plenty going on in October, but a new event promises to satisfy appetites all around Reno.

For one week, 15 local restaurants will participate in the first annual Restaurant Week. It's called Reno Bites and will uncover the best hidden restaurants and showcase the culinary culture Reno has to offer.

Restaurant Week is an event bigger cities have taken advantage of to showcase local chefs and hot spots.

From find dining to food trucks, Reno Bites gives Renoites the opportunity to explore all the local cuisine the Biggest Little City has to offer.

"In the culinary world, there are so many amazing restaurants locally owned with local chefs, that have tremendous offerings on their menus and we really want to showcase those locals for people to get outside of the chain world and explore what we have in this community that's our local talent," Natasha Bourlin, Reno Bites Event Coordinator said.

It's a culinary celebration that focuses on community.

"Chain restaurants are like a machine, we try to focus more on supporting local businesses and where we purchase from and the treatment of our guests," B.J. Mueller, Composition Cafe Chef said.

Each participating restaurant will have a featured dish or a signature event.

"We're gonna do a cooking competition so we're going to get a secret ingredient and we're going to invite six chefs," David Stern, SoDo Restaurant and Bar Chef said. "We're gonna let everyone else on Facebook pick who the seventh chef is going to be."

The event could put Reno on the foodie map.

"We just really want to get the community rallied and come out to support the locals and really understand that there is value and amazing cuisine," Bourlin said.

"We're all friends, we all like each other so it's cool to be part of something other restaurants are doing in town," Stern said.

Reno Bites will be held from the 22nd to the 28th.