Reno Bike Project to Host Swap

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RENO, Nev.-- As thousands gather for the Tour de Nez on Sunday, there is a chance to buy a bike of your own.

The Reno Bike Project will hold its annual bike swap from 10-am till 3-pm at the Wingfield Park basketball courts.

The approximately 100 bikes are all used, but they have been restored by Bike Project staff.

"There can be a certain aesthetic of buying a used bike or something that a little bit different than what people are typically buying brand new out of the box. You'll end up with a bike at probably a third or less the price of what you would buy a brand new bike for," said Kurstin Graham with the Reno Bike Project.

Money raised goes to supporting the non-profit which offers free classes and training throughout the year.

If you're new ride is not perfect, the Reno Bike Project is open 5 days a week to help with customization.