Reno Aims to Make Recycling Easier

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RENO, NV -- Soon Reno residents will not have to separate items they are recycling as the city and Waste Management move toward single stream recycling.

Under the program, residents can put their recycleable materials into a single container to leave at the curb. Currently, residents have to separate plastic, glass and aluminum into several bins.

The program also expands the items that can be recycled at the curb. For the first time residents will be able to recycle cardboard at the curb. Plastics with numbers one through seven will be able to be left at the curb.

Critics say the program cost more, while reducing the size of the container for solid waste. Residents will see a 61 cent a month increase in their bills.

Residents will also receive dump passes which enable them to pick a day of their choosing to go to the dump.

Single stream recycling is part of the City of Reno's franchise renewal with Waste Management.

Waste Management also plans to build a center for people to recycle hazardous and electronic waste.