Remove Packaging & Reduce Stress Christmas Morning

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As toys get more sophisticated every year, so does the packaging. That prompted one Reno mom to take an extra step while wrapping presents to help keep Christmas morning safe and stress-free. At a birthday party for her two year old twins last year, Shila Morris realized those tempting toys were too tough for the toddlers to open. The excessive packaging kept them in sight but out of reach. That's when she decided, next time, she would get rid off all troublesome twist ties and tape ahead of time.

That Christmas she spent more than three hours inserting batteries and removing extraneous packaging before wrapping the gifts, and putting them under the tree. On Christmas morning, she says, her kids were able to open and play with their new toys without any hassle. Her efforts really paid off for the kids, and it made the holiday less stressful for the adults too. "The biggest benefit," says Morris "was that my husband and I got to sit back and relax and enjoy Christmas morning, rather than tearing through packaging."