Reid's Staff Exemptions From Obamacare: "We Just Followed The Law"

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RENO, NV - A CNN report this week raised questions about Majority Leader Harry Reid exempting some of his staff from having to buy health insurance on the federal exchange under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

The report immediately drew fire from critics of the law portraying one of the law's most prominent supporters as hypocritical.

"That's easy," said Reid, speaking to local press at a medal ceremony for Nevada Air National Guard members for service in Afghanistan. "That's coming from Ted Cruz which should answer all."

"We just followed the law," Reid said. "The person who handles this more me asked what we should do. I said 'follow the law and that's what we've done.' The law said leadership and committee staff should stay where they were. The others, which is most of my staff would go into the exchange, just as I have."

Asked what his experience had been with the troubled federal exchange, Reid said the matter had been handled by a staffer who reported back in an hour or so that he was signed up.

He added because of his age, his new policy cost him about $4500 more.