Reid Weighs in On Economy, Marriage, Health Care

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RENO -- Senator Harry Reid slammed the Tea Party and laid out an agenda of issues that are ahead for Congress during an interview at KOLO on Wednesday.

"We've had opposition and obstruction by Republicans on everything we've tried to do in Congress," Reid said. He said the economy is "better" in Nevada, but not doing well. Reid said Congress needs to both raise the minimum wage and extend benefits for those who have been out of work for a long term.

"Nothing would stimulate the economy more than unemployment benefits," he said.

Reid also praised Nevada's attorney general for announcing she will no longer defend the state's constitutional ban on same-sex couples getting married.

"These people who love one another they should be able to marry I believe that," Reid said.

The senate majority leader also had strong words for the company behind Nevada's state-run health insurance market place. Nevadans attempting to meet requirements to have health coverage have encountered significant problems.

"Xerox, I hope they are watching, a major company like that doing to Nevada what they've done is unpardonable," Reid said.

Reid said he plans to run for reelection in 2016 and predicts a heated campaign season this year.

"The Koch brothers, the 18-billion dollars they made last year, they are spending a lot of it right here and in all these senate races around the country," he said.

Reid plans to return to the nation's capital in the next few days.