Saint Mary's Successfully Hosts New Type of Disc Replacement

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RENO, NV - Thursday, June 12, 2014 – Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center in partnership with neurosurgeon, Michael H. Song, MD announced today that it has performed a two-level cervical disc replacement procedure utilizing a novel medical device recently approved by the FDA.

The procedure, performed at Saint Mary’s, was the first of its kind in northern Nevada.

The device, the first and only cervical disc replacement FDA approved for both one and two-level applications, was the subject of a rigorous Investigation Device Exemption (IDE) trial. In the study, the two-level cervical disc replacement procedure demonstrated an overall study success rate of 69.7% as compared to traditional cervical fusion results of 37.4%.

“I am very happy to be able to offer my patients this state of the art procedure which is supported by the highest level of medical evidence available for a medical device,” said Dr. Song, board-certified neurological surgeon at Advanced Neurosurgery. ”And for the first time I am able to offer the significant number of my patients who suffer from two-level cervical disease a superior treatment option to traditional cervical spine fusion.”

Patients are typically discharged the same-day following their procedure and at the discretion of the physician can return to light work within a week or two of surgery and full duty around four to six weeks.

At 24 months, those who received the two-level cervical disc replacement during the trial phase also returned to work on average three weeks earlier as compared to those patients who were treated with cervical fusion.