Fashion on a Budget for Your Little One

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RENO, Nev. -- Moms who like fashion realize it comes with a price. Three local moms wanted to buy fashionable clothes for their little rugrats without breaking a bank.

Val, Jen and Michelle started Recycled Rugrats, a resale and consignment boutique for buying and selling high quality pre-loved clothes, accessories and toys. They wanted to help moms stretch the family dollar, while outfitting their kids in unique clothing.

"You know we really like the nice clothing for our kids because the nicer they are, the longer they will last for the kids. however, kids grow so fast these days, they don't stay in them as long as you'd like them to," Val Jakubos, Co-Owner of Recycled Rugrats said.

Each with kids of their own, they understand the struggles of finding clothes on their fast growing kids.

"We just want to make sure moms in this community have a place to come to," said Jakubos.

Brands range from Gap, to Nordstrom, to Baby Dior.

"We have a little one who's about the age of some of these clothes so why not take advantage of that, said Brody Hanson, a customer said.

They also offer events and classes from local crafts to photography for both moms and their kids to enjoy.

All the clothes that they don't sell go right back to the local community.

"We're definitely going to be a drop off point for some charities because there's nothing out in sparks," Jakubos said.