Recount for State Senate Race?

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RENO, NV -- The close race for Nevada senate district 15 ended with Republican Greg Brower victorious by a narrow margin. Brower edged out Democrat Sheila Leslie by less than one percent, or two-hundred sixty-six votes. The closeness of the vote is raising the possibility of a recount. A recount is not automatic in Nevada -- the losing candidate would need to ask for one to take place.

Leslie and Brower did not return messages Wednesday. Senior Deputy Registrar in Washoe County Luanne Cutler said no such request had been made as of the morning after the election.

Early Tuesday night Leslie was leading the race. "It's too close for comfort that's for sure I'm a nervous person until the votes are in we won't know," she told KOLO that evening.

After absentee ballots were counted, the race swung in favor of Brower.

Cutler said Leslie has three days from the time county leaders review the vote to ask for a recount. Cutler said that makes Friday of next week the final day to make the request. She said Leslie would have to pay for the recount, but Cutler did not have an estimate on how much the cost would be. Cutler said Leslie would also have to let elections officials know which precincts should be recounted.

Provisional ballots, often cast when people show up at the wrong polling location, have not yet been counted. Only federal offices are on those ballots. However, Democratic leadership said it is looking into how many people who cast provisional ballots might have been eligible to vote full ballots -- and whether those voters could have affected the outcome of the state senate race.