Ray May Fire 50% Contained at 3,628 Acres, Containment Expected Friday

Courtesy of Jamie Mott
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GARDNERVILLE, NV - The Ray May fire burning about seven miles south of Gardnerville is about 3,628 acres now, according to firefighters, but it's also about 50% contained.

Wednesday, two 15-year-old boys were arrested in connection with starting the fire, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. One is a Pine View Estates resident near where the fire is located.

Investigators determined that the teens had built a fort in the area of Ray May Way and had started a campfire at the fort. They apparently failed to extinguish the fire and Tuesday afternoon, wind caused the fire to spread.

The juveniles are in custody and have been charged with 3rd degree arson.

The investigation is ongoing.

There were two non-life-threatening injuries reported Wednesday morning on the fire line. According to Douglas County, they are firefighters, receiving treatment for their injuries.

There are still voluntary evacuations in the Pine View subdivision. One abandoned outbuilding is confirmed to have burned. A second structure may have also burned, but fire officials are not sure whether it's a home.

Highway 395 in the area is open with no controls, but fire emergency personnel are encouraging local visitors to stay out of the fire area, specifically the Preachers Mine road area due to emergency operations and public safety.

Owners of the Stor-All in Gardnerville, one in the Ranchos and one on Industrial Way, are offering free storage for those evacuating from the Ray May fire during the time of the evacuations. The office phone number is (775) 782-3533. Speak with Cricket. Office hours 9a-6p.

Topaz Lodge is back open after being closed Tuesday night because crews were using Topaz Lake for water drops.

UPDATE: Aug. 18 8:15 a.m.
Crews expect to to have the fire contained by 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 19th.
Two additional structures have burned and investigators say one of those was habitable, but they are not sure how long ago people lived there.

An air assault on the fire is planned for today.