RTC Reports First Phase of SE Connector Mostly Done

Photo courtesy RTC
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RENO,. NV - The first phase of the SouthEast Connector is substantially complete, about six months ahead of schedule, according to the Regional Transportation Commission. RTC says the contractor still has roughly two months for finishing touches, but major work is done.

The SouthEast Connector is being built in two phases. The first phase is from the intersection of Sparks Boulevard and Greg Street to about 800 feet south of Clean Water Way. Phase one constitutes about a mile of the overall 5.5-mile roadway, also involving the construction of two bridges.

Construction began on the first phase of the SouthEast Connector in February 2013. Funded through RTC-5, phase one construction cost about $65 million.

The largest RTC project to date, the SouthEast Connector will feature three travel lanes in each direction for vehicles, and a multi-use path will parallel the entire roadway. The RTC says the project will help water spread out over the floodplain, reducing erosion and improving
water quality. Additionally, a program is planned for the monitoring and maintenance of wetlands. RTC says the connector also provides a new disaster escape route, preventing part of the community from being cut off.

Work on the second phase of the SouthEast Connector is expected to begin in autumn 2014. The United States Army Corps of Engineers is continuing to evaluate RTC’s application for a permit under the Clean Water Act, which is needed for construction of phase two. Although phase one construction is substantially complete, the roadway will remain closed.

Members of the public are asked not to enter closed areas and active construction zones for their own safety.