RTC Buses Not Really Running Red Lights

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Recently, some RTC bus drivers have been reported for running red lights on Virginia Street, but it's not what it seems. While cars may have red lights at Moana and Kietzke on South Virginia the buses don't always have to stop. The confusion even prompted a memo to Reno Police reminding them about the unusual transit signals in the area.

The strange looking cue jump signals have been in use for more than a year. They give the big buses a chance to more easily merge into traffic, even go around big backups. RTC Traffic Operation Engineer, Jim Poston says the signals have helped keep the buses on time, and regulate trip times. The signals are also designed to be nearly unnoticeable to most drivers. Instead of red, yellow and green lights, the signals use only white lights and cryptic symbols, which hold no meaning for drivers, and are easily ignored.

To the casual observer, unaware of the cue jump signal, it appears some of the buses are running red lights. In fact we're told a few drivers have even been stopped by police. Poston says transit drivers can only use the cue jump signal when they are in the bus lane, otherwise they are subject to the red light the same as any other driver. Currently there are only two of these signals in Reno, but a study is underway to decide if they would be beneficial at eleven other locations.