City of Reno Vows Better Emergency Call Response; See Reports

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RENO, NV - The city of Reno is following up after the Reno Fire Department and REMSA pledged a new spirit of cooperation in dealing with patients during emergency responses.

During a quick news conference Thursday, June 26, 2014, they said their policy is changed and more efficient going forward, but they wouldn't say just what has changed or why.

The discussion follows an incident June 17 involving REMSA, the Reno Fire Department and Reno police officers. Reno firefighters were asked to help move a bariatric patient - but they did not, citing a recent policy change. This allegedly led to a delay in transporting the patient, who was suffering from pulmonary edema.

Refusing to address the incident, both agencies said only they were not going to talk about the past; instead, they were simply going to make things better in the future.

But the next day, City Manager Andrew Clinger released a follow-up statement:

"Reno Fire Chief Michael Hernandez has assured me the Reno Fire Department's response to future incidents of this nature will not be handled in the manner as the June 17, 2014 incident. Some of the actions taken by the Reno Fire Department on June 17 were unacceptable. The Reno Fire Department will continue to provide assistance to the Reno Police Department, REMSA, and/or any other agency requesting assistance during a medical emergency."

You can read police and fire department incident reports from 6/17 via the pdf links to the right.

The patient is in good condition at a local hospital.