Puppies, Kittens at SPCA of Northern Nevada in Need of Foster Families

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RENO, NV - If you have room in your home or your heart, the SPCA of Northern Nevada could use your help. An increase of animals has been going into the SPCA this year, and those animals need to be temporarily cared for.

Peggy Jacques has spent all her her mornings and evenings with Jingles for about a month. She was just a pound when they first met but thanks to Jacques, Jingles can now live a long, happy life.

"She's gaining weight and she soon will go back to the shelter, which is hard to do; it's hard to give them up, but you have to look at it as you're saving a life," said Jacques.

She's a foster parent for the SPCA of Northern Nevada. The no-kill shelter needs volunteers to temporarily share their homes and love to these young animals.

"They have such tender immune systems, we want to get them in, get them vaccinated and get them out into a home where they'll be given TLC by you the individual and get them ready for adoption," Elizabeth Stanton of the SPCA said.

Up to 300 kittens and 200 puppies are looking for foster homes this year. The SPCA is looking for another 30 foster homes to take care of these animals.

"They can't speak for themselves and you're taking care of them and you're giving them love and attention," said Jacques said. "Enjoy them and love them to pieces and you get the love back in return."

After a thorough application process and a home check to make sure the environment is appropriate, families are able to care for an animal up to two months. The SPCA will supply the litter, food and vet care, so it won't cost foster families a dime.

"We can't make it any easier and really the best part, the hardest part is the TLC and the safeguarding you'll be providing for the kittens and puppies," said Stanton.

If you are interested in fostering, please contact the SPCA of Northern Nevada's Foster Coordinator, Sue Hosking at 775-324-7773 x230, SPCA of Northern Nevada, 4950 Spectrum Blvd, Reno, NV 89512.